ABC Pet Clinic’s Role and Responsibility to COVID-19
Update: March 21, 2020

We hope you are all navigating well through these challenging times that the world has presented us.

Please do not come to our hospital with your pet if you or members of your family have had a fever, cough or cold like symptoms. If possible, please stay home, tend to yourself and send your pet with another person to be treated. If you are ill and cannot find another person to bring in your sick pet please call us once you have arrived in our parking lot so we may utilize appropriate protocols to protect everyone from COVID-19.

We will no longer be having clients come into the building. Please call us at 925-855-8195 upon your arrival and one of our staff members will come out to your car and assist getting appropriate history for an axam and bring your pet into the clinic where Dr. Raj will perform and exam and then your pet will be returned to you.

ABC Pet clinic is here to help with your pet Emergency needs. We are working within the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and the County Public Health Department to keep our hospital and staff free of the virus.

We will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-6pm Thursdays 8am-2pm. Saturday 9am-2pm.

We have been asked by the AVMA to defer elective procedures to preserve medical supplies when circumstances call for that. We will be booking elective procedures after May 15th. This is subject to open earlier if it is deemed safe to resume business as usual.

We will not be scheduling any non emergent technician appointments. (nail trims and anal glands for example)

We will be cancelling all of our Vaccinations Clinics at this time. If it is necessary for your pet to receive a vaccine (for boarding) please call our office to make an appointment with a Technician. There is a fee applied to these visits.

Animals that are sick or injured should receive veterinary attention. We are here daily to accommodate those needs.
If you have an emergency afterhours please contact Ironhorse Vetcare in Dublin 925-556-1234 or SAGE/Dublin 925-574-7243.

There is no current evidence that pets become ill from COVID-19 nor that they transmit it to other animals, including human.

We want to be available to help you and our pets now and in the future. Please help us to protect our staff, our families, and our pet parents who are at increased risk of severe complications. We need to work together to protect everyone.


ABC Pet Clinic